NALICA GROUP – a group provides products of health care and of natural origin, contributing to improving the quality of life. With the mission of “Take care of the inner health, embellishing the beauty of the outside”, all NALICA has done is to help you live the best life possible thanks to owning good health and a beautiful young body.

In addition, NALICA Group especially pays attention to build values towards the community through education and training activities. The educational ecosystem of NALICA – NALICA EDUCATION was established with the aim of sharing knowledge and skill training free to the Community. Particularly towards disadvantaged groups in the community such as women, children, and disabled people; Those who live in remote areas want to develop personal development, learning and improving life skills, language skills, communication skills, and other personal development skills. In addition, NALICA also builds free community libraries in places with difficult conditions, contributing to increasing learning opportunities for local people with the goal of “Everyone has a book to read”.

Through the training programs, online and offline sharing sessions of NALICA’s experts who have a lot of experience in the education and training sectors, we have been giving useful values to the Community. We believe that these training and sharing activities will create positive changes, especially for disadvantaged people who are lacking or do not have the opportunities to access knowledge and other resources.
Free public educational activities that NALICA EDUCATION has been implementing :

– English learning videos for children and adults through motivational and inspirational stories;
– Personal development training videos such as thinking skill and motivational videos;
– Learning skills and methods;
– The videos of Life skills training;
– Review books;
– Project to build support videos for deaf children;
– Free directed training programs are held regularly at organizations and institutes over the country;
– Community libraries in villages/communes where have many difficulties.

We always effort to give away more, because education is the root of all changes.

Educational and training activities and events of NALICA EDUCATION are posted on the educational channel of NALICA:
Fanpage: Nalica Education
Youtube: Minh Chau (Nalica Education)
Any contribution and suggestions for the Community please send to the mailbox: [email protected]

Thank you sincerely

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