NALICA was greatly honored to be voted and received the ASIA Typical Enterprise Award in International Economic Forum ASIA 2019 organized in Singapore 23 – 25 /5/ 2019.

On the 23-25 of May 2019 in Singapore, the International Economic Forum ASIA 2019 took place, and more than 100 Enterprises from Vietnam and from other Asia countries have been honored. 2019 is also the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (1989-2019) based in Singapore.
Representatives of Vietnam Government: Central Party Commissioner, Governor of Vietnam Bank Mr. Cao Si Kiem, Ministry of Planning and Investment – Deputy Minister-Chairman of Small and medium business promotion association Mr. Nguyen Dinh Phuong.

The chairman of the Board of directors of NALICA GROUP received a cup and Award certificate

NALICA COSMETIC PHARMACEUTICAL GROUP ( Natural Life Care) was honored to be voted ASIAN TYPICAL ENTERPRISE and was invited to attend the Forum. The representative of NALICA Group, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Son, Chairman of the Board attended the Forum and received this award.
NALICA COSMETIC PHARMACEUTICAL GROUP is specialized in manufacturing and trading of products:
1 / Cosmetics are extracted from the natural origin in order to embellish the beauty of the outside.
2 / Organic nutritional products help to increase the body’s toxic excretion to help the body increase resistance and prevent diseases.
3 / Organic products take care of daily life (Organic washing).
With the support of the leading specialist in cosmetics pharmaceutical, under very strict quality control according to the standards of the Ministry of Health. After a long time of experience, the products have become widely believed to use and continue to spread, NALICA’S Natural products are displayed at supermarket and spa chains in Hanoi and some provinces over the country.
In addition to building a domestic sales system, NALICA builds standardized products for export to foreign countries.
The field of training and education of NALICA has been well received by the community with humanitarian actions that give values to the community such as sharing and training language skills, social life skills, free English training, and specially building libraries in a number of poor communes, helping many women, disadvantaged children, disabled children, remote areas so that people have opportunities to access to knowledge through modern learning methods from developed countries in the world helping them have the knowledge, skills, helping them to be knowledgeable, skilled, having confidence and motivation overcome the difficulty in their life through translated and dubbed videos, educational stories, training sessions shared via Youtube channel have reached up to hundreds of thousands of people.
With outstanding business activities and continuous efforts for the Community, NALICA deserves to be honored at the International Economic Forum ASIA 2019.


NALICA – Natural life care

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